Resume & CV

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Having strong resume writing skills is more than just writing your strong suits down onto paper. No matter if you are only just joining the workforce or have many years of experience to talk about, having a strong resume is going to put you in the same place in the race toward employment. Check out a few of the tips found below to get started.

– Be brief. Even though you may have done great things in a job that is unrelated to this one, you need to only speak briefly about it. You do not want to spend too much time talking about information that does not fit the new job position. You need to leave more space for the purpose of talking about your current or recent jobs that are more applicable, and if it can’t fit on a page it is likely not worth mentioning. Include mostly the specific skills that the job is asking for; this might even mean adjusting your resume for every application you send out.

– Be sure you are using the correct format. Companies will be looking for something they specifically asked for. Be sure that you are formatting both the cover letter and the resume in the way that the company has dictated, such as putting it in a certain file format. Others want you to send or address a resume in a certain way. Stick to what they ask, and you will already be one step above the other applicants who neglected this detail.

– Be discreet yet professional. While you may cling to the email address you have had since you were 13, it does not mean that it is always the best one. You want something that looks professional and not childlike or casual, even if the email address just consists of your name or something similar. Set up a dedicated email for job applications; this will also make it easier to sift through follow-up emails.

– Omit unnecessary information. Don’t talk about unimportant things such as marital status, age, nationality or religion. All of this information is illegal for the employer to ask now anyway. You just need to talk about why you qualify for the job and not your personal details.

– Be straightforward. Use simple text in a standard and easy-to-read font. Everything in your resume also needs to be about you and what you can do. It is best to write concisely in bullet points that detail your accomplishment in incomplete sentences.

With these tips, you can be on your way to writing a strong resume. Remember to get to the point and be professional about it while also using the proper formatting that the company asks for. Present yourself strongly on top of everything else this article has taught you, and you will be sending yourself in the right direction toward getting your new dream job.